How to create your job step by step


On Get on Board we have a talent database of +270,000 professionals throughout Latin America, with different profiles and levels of experience. When creating your job, we recommend you follow the following steps, to reach the professionals that best fit the profile:

Step 1: Introduce your company and describe the position

  • Introduce your company. Talk about what your company is doing "from the inside", rather than what is already obvious to the general public. Mention the challenges facing your business and your team that justify the job you are offering. Professionals want to know about the projects they will be working on and the team with whom they will share their daily tasks. 

Introduce your company

  • Enter the location or modality of the job: co-located (country and city), temporarily remote (+ country and city), remote within a country, or remote from anywhere in the world. Professionals can filter their job searches by location. International applicants applying for your localized job must certify that they have the necessary documentation to work in the country. 
  • Specify the seniority. What level of experience are you looking for? Junior, senior, inexperienced? Remember to maintain a match between seniority and the requirements of the position. 
  • Describe the role as accurately as possible, especially mentioning aspects of your team, expectations, tasks, and the evolution of the role. Avoid mixing requirements when describing the position (that should go in the "Job requirements" field). Focus on specific tasks. Professionals are interested in knowing what day-to-day tasks they will be performing in the position. 

Describe the role in Job Functions (avoid including requirements)

Requirements & Qualifications

Specify the monthly salary range. You can hide it from public views.

Step 2: Add questions and request extra information

step 2
Step 3: Add scorecards

step 3
Step 4: Job preview

step 4

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