On Get on Board, you can post jobs and unlock them one by one in order to access the applicants' information. This is recommended for companies that hire a maximum of 5 professionals per year or very sporadically. If your company hires constantly or more than 5 professionals per year, we recommend you choose a subscription plan tailored to your needs. This will allow you to save considerably compared to individual unlocks.

Get on Board's subscription plans offer the following benefits:

  • Full-featured, free ATS software. Get on Board has its own Applicant Tracking System. Just by having a subscription, you can enjoy it for no additional cost.
  • Considerable savings compared to individual publications.  By comparing prices, a subscription will give you the ability to post many more jobs than buying individual publications. 
  • Always-on jobs.  When purchasing individual publications, you cannot refresh the publication date. Subscription plans do not have that limit; all jobs you create, while your subscription is active, can be refreshed indefinitely.
  • All the jobs you create are automatically unlocked.
  • Talent Database allows you to search, filter, and send invitations to our complete. database of thousands of professionals throughout Latin America, which is constantly growing.
  • Ability to post confidential jobs, which are not visible to the public but that you can fill out with Talent Database invitations.
  • Integration with ATS software, such as Lever or Greenhouse.

The Recruiter and customized subscription plans also have the following advantages:

  • Invoicing option by wire transfer payments and Purchase Order.
  • Training session in the use of the tool (via video call).
  • Priority support via video call and WhatsApp.

Subscription plans with Boost

In addition to the traditional plans, you can choose plans with Boost included. Depending on each plan, you can get from 1 (Growth) up to 5 Boosts (Recruiter) or more (custom), which are renewed monthly.

When you activate Boost in your jobs, the date is updated, up to 200 invitations are sent to professionals who match the profile, and it also gives more visibility to your job during the 14 days of the activation

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