You can create your company account in 2 simple steps:

  • Complete the required information in step 1
  • Verify your account in step 2

Before creating your company account, check that it has not been previously created by another member of your team. If the account has already been created, you can ask the admin to send you an invitation to the team. 

How to complete the form to create your new account. 

1. Enter your company's name and the country where it is located. 

If your company has a presence in more than one country, it is not necessary to create an account for each one. In Get on Board you can indicate which city each ad you publish is for, so having a consolidated account for your company is simpler and more effective. This way, you will have all your processes at hand, regardless of which country it is for.

2. Invoice issuing information (optional).

You can add your company's billing information when you create your account, or later, when you sign up for a subscription plan. By selecting this option, you can add your company name, tax identification number, and legal address.

Tax and invoice information

3. Company logo.

Have your company logo at hand in a square format of at least 200x200 pixels (you can use the one used in social networks). 

4. Enter an e-mail address for the account administrator.

The e-mail address you enter will be the administrator of the company account, who will receive notifications of invoicing, selection processes, among others. We recommend using a generic company account (e.g. or and avoid using personal accounts.

Company creation form
5. Add your company's LinkedIn profile (optional).

Get on Board has a partnership with LinkedIn Limited Listings that allows your jobs posted on our platform to automatically appear in LinkedIn job search results. In order for the LinkedIn integration to work for your jobs, you must add the URL of your LinkedIn company profile to your company profile on Get on Board. You will always be able to complete or edit this information once you have created your account.

6. Describe your company.

Introduce your company. Briefly describe what business area you belong to, what your challenges are, among others. This description will be shown to the professionals at the end of all your jobs.

You can see our own career page as an example.

7. Long description (optional).

This description will be included at the top of your jobs. Here you can talk about what your company is doing "from the inside", rather than what is already obvious to the general public. Mention the challenges they face, describe your team and the culture that defines them. Professionals want to know about the projects they will be working on and the team with whom they will be sharing their daily tasks. 

Company creation form
8. Add your social networks.

When you create your company account, you receive your jobs page automatically and free of charge, which you can insert into your website by copying a simple code. By entering your social networks, professionals will be able to follow you and learn more about your services or product. 

9. Accept our moderation policies.

At Get on Board we care about having the best jobs and helping companies recruit the best talent. That's why we moderate all jobs, providing direct feedback on how to improve the ads to attract the right people.

When you click on the 'Next step' button you will be sent an email(*) to the email address you entered, which you will need to verify in order to log in to your new account.

(*)If you have not received the email, check your 'spam' folder and add the email to your contact list to avoid missing future notifications.

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