What does it mean to refresh the date of my jobs?

Refreshing the date of a selection process means that the publication date of your ad is updated to the day you refresh it. That is if you posted a selection process 7 days ago and today you refresh the date, your ad will now show its publication date as today's date.  When you refresh the date of a selection process, it will appear again at the beginning of the job list, with the current date, obtaining more visibility. 

Feature available for subscription plans only. Check out all the benefits of our subscription plans here. 

(*) Jobs that are 4 months old or older, will not be able to refresh their date.

How to refresh the date of your jobs?

You can refresh the date of your jobs from the 'Actions' menu found in your jobs dashboard or within the job view, as well as from the left side menu within the process view

Actions menu in Dashboard

Actions menu in Job view

Left menu on Process view

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