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Concierge leverages the power of Get on Board to recruit remote tech talent for you, blazing-fast. Get qualified candidates in one week, at unbeatable rates.

  • No intermediation fees
  • 3-month guarantee
  • Shortlist in 5 days
  • Best time zone alignment with North-America
  • $990 USD
    for Junior positions
  • $1990 USD
    for Senior positions
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😱 Unbeatable success fee.

This is it. No intermediation fees, no hidden fees, no extra fees.

$990 USD for Junior positions
$1,990 USD for Senior positions

Price per successful hire. Includes $500 USD non-refundable activation fee per process. Payment by credit card.

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Data-driven or expert-driven? Yes.

Get on Board's proprietary screening system combines exclusive data on candidate performance with unbiased assessment from experts. We don't screen CVs. We screen people and real skills.

This is how Concierge works.

🎯 Step 1: Choose the position and activate the search

We specialize in complex tech roles, where a CV or a LinkedIn profile cannot be relied on for screening. Concierge processes are always confidential and are only visible to the candidates we select.

πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Step 2: Custom-made, not canned, technical challenges

Candidates undergo a series of technical challenges, home-made by our experts, with assignments of increasing complexity that resemble real-world tasks. For instance, software engineering candidates will get a code repo which they are assigned to complete developing a mini-app.

πŸ₯«βŒ We never outsource evaluations. We don't rely on HackerRank or other similar services, nor we delegate technical screening to third parties.

βœ… Step 3: Blind expert evaluation

We built some basic automated evaluations into our challenges. Our experts will review the code of the submissions that pass those evaluations. We check for code elegance, performance, and other markers of technical quality. Revision is blind to make sure we avoid gender, race, nationality, and other biases. We take D&I seriously.

Our resident recruiter interviews candidates that pass this stage under the STAR method of Behavioral interviewing.

We give feedback to every candidate at every stage of screening. No applicant is removed from the process without knowing precisely their areas of improvement. We strongly believe that people improve faster with the right feedback. πŸ’ͺ

✨ Step 4: Scorecards that mix the best of both worlds

This is where the magic happens. We balance expert assessment with candidates results elsewhere in Get on Board. We leverage the power of hundreds of thousands of job applications sent through our platform to offer unparalleled intelligence to the crucial task of selecting the right talent. Our weighted scorecard gives us reliable, consistent, rational ratings we can actually explain.

Our algorithm evaluates other companies' ratings and also how candidates behave when applying to other jobs. We prioritize self-aware candidates that know where to apply.

πŸ’Œ Step 5: Final check and invitation

We send a private invitation to the best-ranked candidates to apply to your job. Those who accept are automatically added to your shortlist, ready to be hired. Boom. πŸ’₯

Deep knowledge of candidate performance.

We leverage 790,000+ job applications sent through our platform and the way they have been ranked by companies in Get on Board, to determine the best-performing candidates. This is something no other recruiter can offer.

Smarter and fairer than AI.

Deciding who to hire is a strategic decision β€” even more so for tech professionals. Relying indiscriminately on Machine Learning methods for hiring risks deepening and perpetuating existing hiring biases, especially when the algorithms are searching for lookalikes of past candidates.

Machine Learning is great for detecting emerging correlations that humans can't. But that's precisely what makes it complicated for recruiting: machines won't explain to you why they discarded a particular candidate. And even if the selected matches are good, you will be blind about the candidates that the algorithm left behind.

Instead of delegating to a machine, we balance high-quality data with blind-audition expert assessments that grant equal opportunity to all candidates, regardless of gender, race, past employers, or nationality.

We are able to explain exactly why we selected a candidate for your company β€” you deserve that.

Build your next remote team, in your time zone.

No more remote meetings at 11pm. Get on Board's software engineers and tech professionals live in Latin America.

β€œWe've never worked with recruiters as good and effective as Get on Board. The quality and quantity of applicants and their work ethics are unrivaled.”
— TelefΓ³nica I+D Chile

8,000+ companies trust Get on Board to find the best tech talent in Latin America.

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