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We are shaping up future of IT consultants, EDWArchitectonics is working with fortune 500 companies like Delta Airlines, American Express, and Facebook etc. We are currently looking for Developers to join our amazing clients in United States.

Benefits we provide is Green Card from day 1, H1B1 and H1B work permit sponsorship, free accommodation, joining bonus, advance payments, auto loans, health insurance, free credit card etc.

Headquartered in Flower mound, Texas, EDWArchitectonics is a leading global services firm that provides a portfolio of Software Dallas , Texas, United States.

EDWArchitectonics LLC, 3121, Cross Timbers Rd , Flower Mound ,TX ,75022

Job functions

Expand or modify, system to serve, new purposes or improve work flow.
· Experience in Agile methodologies using Scrum, Test Driven, Development (TDD) and Behavior
Driven Development (BDD).
· Provide staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems, such as malfunctions and program problems.
· Review and analyze computer printouts and performance indicators
to locate code problems, and correct errors by correcting codes.
· Confer with clients regarding the nature of the information processing or computation needs a computer program is to address.
· Hands on Unique technical experience in MVC, Angular and .Net.
· Professional work experience in Designing, Analyzing systems from the architecture to the
maintenance, Dashboards, Reports,
Tables, Analytic snapshots, Custom objects, Case Management, etc.
· Consult with managers to determine the role of IT systems in an organization
· Research emerging technologies to decide if installing them can increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.
· Prepare an analysis of costs and benefits so that management can
decide if IT systems and computing infrastructure upgrades are financially
worthwhile, Devise ways to add new functionality to existing computer systems
· Design and implement new systems by choosing and configuring hardware and software
· Oversee the installation and configuration of new systems to customize them for the organization
· Conduct testing to ensure that the systems work as expected.
· Train the systems end users and write instruction manuals.
· Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including coordinating the installation of computer programs and systems.
· Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore normal functioning.
· Expand or modify system to serve new purposes or improve work flow.

Qualifications and requirements

Possess excellent ability to analyze and inspect situations
Excellent administrative and management skills
Excellent ability to supervise and monitor administrative working structures
Designing and implementing new plans and programs
Proficiency in a wide range of computer software applications, and their usage
Possess an innate ability to work in a fast-paced environment, prioritizing and managing multiple projects and responsibilities with high change and high complexity.
Excellent communication and presentation skills

This job is posted by EDW Architectonics LLC on behalf of

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Computer Systems Analyst 
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